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The PRAP Group Expands its Business Domains within Communications Consulting

“Building better relationships with all people.”

This is the mission we cherish each and every day, ever since PRAP Japan was established in the public relations space in 1970. In our work, we have used communications as a tool to build better relationships between companies and companies, companies and people, and companies and stakeholders, for example. In turn, we have also been contributing to unhindered economic activity and, ultimately, to the development of society.

The world of communication is in a state of revolution. Name recognition and pure product capability are not enough to make sales. The same messages and media that served us well before do not give us the same reach we need. A single mis-communication can easily bring ruin to a once-trusted brand. As these are the times we live and work in, I feel we must break the bonds of yesterday’s common sense and act with a public relations mindset well-matched to our society–one with a well-attuned grasp on the subtleties of the world.

We at the PRAP Group are expanding our business domains within communications, with a core focus on our aforementioned mission: Building better relationships, with all people. With offices in Japan, China, and Southeast Asia, our PR-minded communications solutions cover a comprehensive set of needs and feature dynamic and synergistic collaborations with Group affiliates, experts in the various fields of communications. Our clients face changing times and have diversifying needs, and our frameworks are constantly being evolved to address these.

By updating the relationships companies have with their stakeholders through the power of communication, we will ultimately be a positive force in moving society forward, building a foundation for new values and shared awarenesses. In order to remain a trusted leader in these times, we commit to being a communications consulting group that values sincerity and open-mindedness, working to ensure that our communications broaden the horizons of our society.

President & CEO

Isao Suzuki