A full support promotion service for Chinese apps and games firms entering the Japanese market

PR consulting firm PRAP Japan enhances its partnerships with Precision Marketing in overseas operations, and provides a comprehensive service  from market development and interest-evoking leads to actual actions by the consumers in Japan and China.
In recent years, the global game market, such as the e-sports market, has been  expanding rapidly with new products launched constantly. Also, Japan is the 3rd biggest game market in the world, following China and the US, and the market size of smart devices gaming apps in Japan is estimated to be around 1,343.1 billion yen in July 2020.

In response to this situation, we have been receiving a lot of inquiries from foreign app-related companies and game companies about PR activities for entering the Japanese market. We have a wealth of experience in supporting many Chinese companies to expand their business in Japan, including internet services, apps, and games. Also, with a sufficient amount of Chinese staffs at our Japan headquarters, we are able to communicate in Japanese, Chinese and English smoothly. In addition, we have three offices in China with more than 20 years of service experience, and we have fully responded to the various needs of our clients, including cooperation with the clients’ head offices in China and contact support.

We have established a new structure that enables us to provide comprehensive support not only in the PR field, but also in all promotional activities, including advertising and customer support by collaborating with its subsidiaries Precision Marketing and PRAP POINTS Group.

Provided services (examples)

We, PRAP Japan, will continue to develop and provide new services in response to the rapidly changing media environment and society, as well as the diverse challenges our clients are facing.

※Reference: 2020 CESA Games White Paper

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Director & President: Isao Suzuki

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