Our Value Proposition

PRAP Group provides communication consulting services founded in PR concepts to clients primarily in Japan, China, and Southeast Asia.

In a world of diverse values, we are expanding our business domains, with a core focus on our mission: Building better relationships, with all people.
We believe what is needed for communication and consulting services is a sincere and open-minded attitude toward society, as well as innovative technology combined with expertise. Sincere engagement with our clients, carefully addressing the issues at the heart of the challenges they face, and building the right kind of narrative to overcome these is what we value most.

Business Domains

  • Our services value building long-reaching legacies in narrative, rather than one-off topical communication. We focus on proposing and executing communication strategies that enhance our clients’ value in society.

  • From digital advertising and social media management to creative and automation tools, we gather and analyze data to propose an optimal solution amid a rapidly changing communications environment.

  • With hub offices in China and Southeast Asia, we support communication activities throughout East Asia and Southeast Asia. Our local staff, who are well versed in the various intricacies of local markets, leverage our unique expertise and networks to provide quality services.