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Digital Marketing

The spread of smartphones and other digital devices has driven dramatic change in purchasing behavior and the communications environment. This spread has simultaneously led to the accumulation of immense and diverse data. Digital marketing is a high-level term for marketing methods used to incorporate and analyze this data to design an approach optimized to ensure messaging delivery based on the target audience’s behavior, utilizing the entire range of online touchpoints, from digital advertising to social media.

For us, the starting point is not answering the question of “How do we deliver this message?” Here, we put our importance on sincere engagement with clients to carefully address their challenges, and addressing the core of the issue as we determine what sort of message should be sent to what audience to resolve these. We provide a full range of digital marketing services, from consulting to operations. in Japan and Southeast Asia. Combined with the PR concept of valuing the narrative, we create new value only found in PRAP Group.

Channels (Excerpt)

Video Advertising / Listing Advertising / Display Network Advertising / Social Media Advertising / DSP Advertising / Affiliate Advertising / SEO / Website Analysis / Big Data Analysis / Social Media Marketing / Influencer Marketing / Content Marketing

Our Client Sectors (Excerpt)

[Japan/Domestic] Human Resources / Finance / Automotive / Media / Healthcare / Security / Nursing Care / Hospitals / Flash Marketing / Apparel / Study Abroad / Translation / Toys

[China and Southeast Asia] Singapore Government Agencies / Foodservice / Retail and Distribution / Insurance / Manufacturing / Real Estate / Universities / Healthcare / Airports / Banking / IT / Consumer Goods


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