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Public Relations

Public relations, often simply expressed as PR, refers to the activities of companies and other organizations to build good relationships with society. In other words, PR is communication with a well-attuned grasp on the subtleties of the world, presenting messaging and actions inclusive of its people’s values. Our approach to PR is not one-way messaging, but instead true communication that alters perceptions and drives action.

The narratives we build impart how our clients’ businesses and services can help address issues faced by their customers and society at large, winning a sense of closeness and empathy as an indispensable part of the future world and their daily lives. We value creating these narratives that enhance the social value of our clients. We then utilize the strengths of the entire Group to provide comprehensive design and narrative services, showing our clients how to tell their stories, in what form and through what media, from release distribution, media relations, and press events to digital channels such as influencer-based PR and digital marketing.

Channels (Excerpt)

PR Consulting / Press Releases / Newsletters / Media Relations / Media Monitoring / Internal Communications / Press Conferences / New Product Launches / Entertainment Events / Marketing PR / Media Audits / Media Tie-Ups / Translation / SDGs and ESG

Our Client Sectors (Excerpt)

IT / Healthcare / Cities / Consumer Goods / Food / Automobiles / Energy / Leisure / Fashion / Government Agencies / Municipalities / NPOs / Finance / Education / Entertainment / Consulting / Human Resources


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